Testimonial by Sandi Valentine, Sandi bought a 2013 Corolla Le with 13,000 miles on it that we found for her on the Adesa Auction dealers web site. Her car was Inspected, detailed and waiting for her when she drove up and traded in her 2009 Sonata. Sandi’s Corolla is the first internet search for a particular vehicle (check out our mission statement on Haywoodmotors.com) for Haywood Motors. Below is what she sent us via the Haywood Motors FB page: I am going to tell you a fairy tale…once upon a time I asked Ray and Natalie to help me buy a car and sell my present car. What happened was surreal. I spent a total of 1 hour to find the car I wanted and trade my car in. This was by far the easiest vehicle experience I have ever had! The story doesn’t end there…2 weeks after I have my new car, I get rear ended pretty significantly. I called Ray to get some advice (fyi, Ray is THE Car Guy!) and he referred me to Ray Helms for the body work. Who does this?! Usually when you buy a car they don’t know who you are once you drive it off of the lot. So, as with most fairy tales…i have a new Car Guy and I lived happily ever after! You will NOT be disappointed with Haywood Motors! They will have my business for many years to come. Next year when I buy another car, i expect a fairy tale sequel. I will keep you ‘posted Sandi Valentine Thank you Sandi!