Rating: 5-star Name: Jason Wittersheim Testimonial: Ray Haywood loves cars. When I make any purchase, I want to know that I m making that purchase from someone who is passionate about what they do. So when I totaled my car and needed to get another car QUICKLY I was apprehensive, to say the least, about how good of a car, deal, dealer and experience I would get out of this process. I went through USAA’s certified dealers and found the car first 2012 Honda Civic . It looked great, the price could not be beat and it was the specific car I had been looking for for a while, so I was going to be picky about every detail. I came and met with Ray and his son, took a look at the car and had a test drive. It drove well, the mileage was SO low and the interior and exterior were spotless. Ray showed his passion that day as he walked me through every detail of the car. I loved it but was still hesitant because I hadn’t had time to look for anything else. Ray reassured me as he did not hurry me, he didn’t oversell it, he was just confident in his product!