Testimonial: (totally unsolicited)….Waking up to a flat tire one morning,on Mother’s Day weekend, I was running late for work but had AAA come out to remove the flat tire and put the donut one on….drove to work at www.bonitatravels.com , which happens to be located in the same business park with Haywood Motors at Harrisburg’s County Line Plaza….I got settled in to my desk and had to put the tire situation on a back burner due to a busy scheduled day, knowing that I would need to take care of the flat soon. Within 30 minutes of my arrival, Ray Haywood arrives at his business and before going inside his own door, walked over to my door, came in and said, “what are you doing with a donut on your car?”. I told him the story and he immediately asked for my keys, and said “I can take care of that for you. where is the old tire?” which he proceeded to remove from the trunk and took it inside his shop, repaired the flat and mounted it back on my car….Stunned, I only could say “Thank you, Ray!…how much do I owe you for that?”…His answer, “Nothing! Happy Mother’s day!” Chivalry and kindness are still alive. Thank you Lord, for angels you place in my life along the way. Thank you Ray for your assistance.